The Elfenbankje pays a lot of attention to the development of the children. All activities offered focus on providing the best experience for all. We encourage creative stimulation through playing with other children, making things with our hands and continual conversation and interaction with out team. We stimulate the children in social skills, self-reliance, language and motor skills.

Games & arts and crafts

The children have plenty of opportunity to choose their own games and activities. We provide a wide range of materials for crafting and discovering new things.

We believe all this is important for the social and emotional development of the child.

We encourage and play close attention to reading aloud to stimulate language development. During the reading and the various activities, fun and special conversations often arise.

Venturing outside

We often go outside with the children, even when the weather is not so brilliant. The children are dressed appropriately for these activities.

Daarnaast hebben wij beschikking over een fijne gymzaal. Bewegen is belangrijk voor de motorische ontwikkeling van jonge kinderen. Het is een combinatie van gymnastiek, dans, ballen en fantasiespel. Zo leren de kinderen samen spelen en allerlei bewegingen. Er wordt veel plezier aan beleefd!

Babies have their "own program" at The Elfenbankje. They have an alternative and flexible daily routine and all activities are tailored to their age. They require more physical care, which we take the time for. Babies are played with, stimulated and also sometimes brought with us outside.. Much attention is paid to the individual needs of the little ones. All this is done in close consultation with prantes/guardians.

Memorable Moments Foundation (Memo)

Every other week an artist / musician from Memo (Memorable Moments Foundation) comes to us to make music. This is very varied with a different instrument each time. For the children this is a special way learn more about music and experience this first hand. In this way, in addition to musical development, memory and concentration are also trained. While creating and playing, the children learn to remember melodies and words.

How can we help you?

Are there any questions you have or would you like to register your (unborn) child? Please feel free to contact us!

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